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The best hydration packs for women

The best hydration packs for women

Nathan’s Women’s Specific running backpacks are much more than just smaller sized

When you are going for a long run or hike, it’s important to stay hydrated, even when it’s cooler weather! Hydration packs are by far the most efficient way to carry your water and more, with easy access to drinking. BUT trying to fit water bottles, smartphone, keys and gels into a race vest that isn’t designed to fit over “the girls” is like trying to button your jeans after Christmas dinner: difficult! Therefore, choose a women’s specific hydration pack or a running vest with adaptive fit. Our running backpacks for women are made to fit a narrower shoulder and come with supportive, comfortable, curve-friendly options that don’t compromise on any key features. Check it out!

hydration packs for women


Vapor Howe 2.0

Total storage capacity: Available as 4L version or 12L version
Hydration: The 4L version comes with two 600 ml soft flasks, the 12L version includes a 1,6L insulated hydration bladder.

Designed with input from professional ultramarathoner
Stephanie Howe Violett, the Vapor Howe is a minimalist hydration pack that running enthusiasts will love. The thin, body-conforming stretchy fabric feels very comfortable against bare skin, and expands as you stuff in clothes on the go. The hydration pack has 11 pockets, one on the right front strap is zippered, and kangaroo pouch on the bottom rear. All pockets are stuff-sack-like, making for quick access to lots of gear without breaking stride. The rear kangaroo pouch is easy to access without taking the pack off; tech-shirt-like fabric is soft and stretchy.

hydration pack vapor howe



Vapor Airess

Total storage capacity: 7L
Hydration: Includes a 2L hydration bladder

The Vapor Airess women’s specific hydration pack is our first one to feature the innovative Adaptive-Fit ™ Adjustable Sizing System, resulting in a fit and feel so personalized as if it’s tailored just for you. The hydration pack comes with a large main back storage compartment and back kangaroo pocket, sized for a light jacket, nutrition, and even more hydration than the included 2L bladder can carry. The two front pockets fit soft flasks up to 650 ml . With the lightweight, chafe-free and breathable materials, this bounce free running backpack can store all of your running essentials with different storage pockets.


vapor airess




Vapor Swiftra

Total storage capacity: 5L
Hydration: Includes a 1.5L hydration bladder

The lightweight Vapor Swiftra is body mapped and designed specifically for the female form. The hydration packs keeps water and gear close to the body to prevent bouncing while running. It includes a 1,5L hydration bladder and plenty of storage options. The compact backpack features an Adaptive Fit system that contours to your form, regardless of change to your shape or size. Vapor Swiftra is made with anti-odor stretchy mesh that breathes and evacuates moisture, and all potential chafing zones have been revisited and made smooth.

vapor mag




Vapor Mag

Total storage capacity: 2.5L
Hydration: Includes two 355 ml soft flasks

Developed in collaboration with the endurance runner Maggie Guterl, this lightweight, breathable hydration pack is designed specifically to fit the female form and features a quick-sip soft flask hydration system. The running vest has a upper back pocket for excess storage and a lower bag zippered pocket to secure additional running essentials. The Front adjustable sternum straps dial in fit and comfort.




Vapor Speedster

Total storage capacity: 2L
Hydration: Includes two 355 ml soft flasks

When all you need is strictly the minimum, then the women’s specific Vapor Speedster is the right choice for you. The Speedster is designed to be the ultimate minimalist gear stowing solution. It’s very light, made with anti-odor stretchy mesh materials that breathes. All potential chafing zones have been made smooth. The running vest for women comes with one 355ml soft flask in front, multiple storage pockets on front, sites and lower back provide 2L of storage capacity. The adjustable front straps provide personalized comfort for female runners.


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