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Running In Autumn

Tips for the right gear and more motivation

Autumn is too cold, dark and rainy to run? No way! With our tips on on the right running gear, you will get motivated and in shape through autumn. Keep in mind that actually, there is no better time of year to start running than autumn, for your body and sould. One does something for one’s health by moving around regularly in the fresh air at this time when it’s so popular to sit on the couch at home.

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Lay your running foundation in autumn

If you run through autumn and winter, you will not only train your condition and running legs – the rest of your body and above all your soul will also benefit a lot from spending time in the fresh air. And this goes beyond clearing your mind after a stressfull day at the office. Just imagine, the classic feeling of being bloated at Christmas time is missing, and the probably most frequent New Year’s resolution to do sport and live healthier has already been implemented before 1 January! Sounds great, no?

Moreover, running experts are claiming that exercise in the fresh, cool air automatically increases your desire for a fresh, healthy diet. So get into your running clothes, even if the autumn day is grey and rainy.

The hydration vest vapor air has an adaptive fit system for every body type

The right running gear for autumn

For running in autumn, it is important to choose the right running clothes. The apparel must be breathable and water-repellent, but not too warm. Our #TeamNathan running experts advice a good running undershirt or body shirt that fits snugly to the body, a thin, warm intermediate layer and – very important – a wind- and water-repellent running jacket.

Keep in mind to dress in such a way that you freeze for the first five minutes and shiver for another ten minutes. Then it usually fits, and you feel comfortable running. At the feet, running experts advice to pay attention to high-quality shoes for good step security on wet or muddy surfaces.

Headgear like caps or beanies are also important to avoid catching a cold in autumn. The Beanies of the NATHAN HyperNight collection are lightweight, stretchable and keep you warm. Moreover, the beanies feature reflective graphic detailing for visibility in low-light conditions. For longer hair, the Ponytail Beanie comes with a ponytail pass through for more comfort.

See And Be Seen

For car drivers it’s easy to miss a runner on the road when he/she is hardly visible. Therefore, if you’re running in the early morning or at night, dress in light, bright, and/or reflective clothing or use a reflective running vest. Also choose apparel in colors like white, yellow, orange, or neon. A colourful hydration vest might help to make you even more visible, too.

Try to be visible from all directions, and use a combination of reflectivity cloth and lights. You want to see and be seen, so a simple headlamp isn’t enough, wear LED blinky lights, brighter clothing and a visibility vest! The NATHAN HyperBrite Strobe Lights come in a 2-pack can be clipped anywhere on your clothes or gear securely. We recommend white on the front and red on the back, to form a dynamic duo for added nighttime visibility.

There is a concept called “biological motion” saying that human eyes and brains are drawn bright color and motion. So, to be visible, we advice to put reflective detail on your arms and legs. You can add reflective Run Laces or clips to your shoes and ankles, carry handheld water bottles with reflective strips or wear a hydration pack with reflective stripes.

While you are on the road or the trail, be the one to light the way! NATHAN offers an entire line of product from headlamps to flashlights. We highly recommend having multiple sources to add depth of field to your night run.

Feel Safe

Protect yourself by prioritizing your safety—balance brave and polite with safe and following your feeling. If you sense danger, trust your instincts and err on the side of caution. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, act to protect yourself. This may include turning around, going another way, crossing a street, calling for help, screaming, or running away. Or you can pull the new NATHAN SaferRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm. This tiny siren can alert others in case of an incident. In case of emergency, a quick pull of the rip cord triggers a 120 dB
alarm alerting passers-by and discouraging potential assailants. Audible from over 180 meters and as loud as an ambulance siren. Read more about Running Safe on our blog “Safety Tips For Running Alone”.

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Get Outside!

In spite of all these positive running aspects, there is always one or the other reason to stop putting on your running shoes in the evening. Maybe the working day was long and exhausting? It’s wet and cold outside? Even then, there are some tricks to outsmart the mind: Running clears your head, and then there is room again for the essential, for the beautiful and the positive! Keep Running Strong – We Run With You!
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