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Run Laces



The Run Laces is a shoe lacing system that adjusts to the size of your foot. Our unique fastening system keeps the laces secure and tight so you don't have to worry about them getting tangled while you run. We have launched our range of adjustable laces in different colours so you can match them to your running shoes.


  • Shoe lacing system adjustable to your foot size.
  • Highly elastic laces. Locking system keeps laces secure
  • Available in different colours
  • For all ages. Shoes will stay tied whatever the size of the foot.
  • Ideal for runners, walkers, triathletes, children and people of all ages.

No more worrying about tripping over your laces!

Super-secure, ultra-grippy, elastic laces are the ideal no-tie shoelace solution.

Unique fastening system keeps laces secure and tight. One-time setup is quick, and lace adjustments easy.

Super Secure

While normal shoelaces loosen on their own, the Nathan Run Laces stay exactly where you want them thanks to their unique fastening system.

One-Time Set Up

The Run Laces are easy and quick to attach to your shoes. Just follow the step by step instructions. The unique fastening system keeps laces secure and tight.

Ideal For Everyone

The Run Laces are the ideal solution for runners or triathletes, but also for walkers or children who can’t tying shoes on their own or even elderly, who are not as agile as before.

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