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Social and Environmental Care

The Green Site Of Nathan

Everything we do has an impact on the planet. We need to start thinking with foresight.
Being considerate in our dealings with others. This is how we can move forward – in sports, in everyday life, and in the development of products. Environmental thinking is very important for NATHAN, our brand encourages everyone to go outdoors and connect with nature. Therefore, sustainability is included in our planning, supply chain, and business operations. We seek to combine our expertise and competencies with those charities and community groups so we can bring extra benefits to the communities in which we operate.

We proudly cooperate with

Active Giving

The Green Site Of Nathan

To support the non-profit Trees for the Future, NATHAN is cooperating with Active Giving GmbH. The app Active Giving converts your physical activities into contributions to environmental projects. #TeamNATHAN’s goal is to plant 2021 trees in the first months of 2021. For example, running 5 km means one tree will be planted. Also, with activities such as walking, swimming, or cycling, the project can be supported. And the story will continue…

Plant Trees.
Get Nathan Gear in Return.

Here’s what you have to do: Download the Active Giving app available on the App Store or Google Play and use the team code NATHAN to enter the team.
Take a screenshot from your activity and share it with us!
Your effort will be rewarded.

Your Effort. Our Reward.