4 Quick tips for summerbody motivation

The end of the covid-19 lockdown is in sight for many countries, but most likely it will be a holiday in your own country. The past few weeks have also been a good time in our own bubble: baking cakes with the kids, an afternoon snack, an aperitif, chips in front of the TV during a cosy evening…

Soon, we will be able to go the the beach, park, swimming pool and you won’t be able to hide, you’ll want to shine for family and friends, the best motivation to work on your fitness goals!

Below are some tips for healthy exercise while still enjoying yourself with our Hipster & Zipster products.

    1. Walk! Most of us can do it! Walk with your kids, with your dog or simply alone for that wonderful me-time moment. Don’t bring unnecessary stuff with you and walk freely. The hipster/zipster will be able to hold the most necessary items with you. Smartphone, key, doggy bags, …
    2. Run! Find a start to run program or rebuild your condition like never before. There is plenty of online info to support you in your running adventure. Make sure you always bring enough hydration (water) with you and store these small bottles in your hipster/zipster or a more dedicated product like the Trail Mix Plus 2. You can safely store your smartphone and during your running session you can listen to your own music, lost in your own world.
    3. Beach/park! May we finally go back to the beach or park… Store your cash, smartphone,… safely in our Hipster or Zipster! Nothing more blissful with a nice weather to wear light clothing, but where do you store your smartphone? In your shorts or dress, pockets usually don’t have ideal space. You can perfectly wear the Hipster or Zipster for this use case, it fits nicely over or even under your clothes and so everything is suddenly also safe for pickpockets. You can move around freely and have a carefree badminton match with your friends.
    4. Citytrip! Explore your own cities. Most of the time we tend to underestimate our own countries cities. For the explorers amongst us, this may be an ideal vacation. Even on citytrips our Hipster/Zipster products could be a great solution for some typical problems. Do you know the feeling of that nagging pain of an overweight handbag on your shoulder? Also store your money safely and close against your waist, as well as your smartphone, identity card, keys,…


This list could go on and on, with our Hipster/Zipster you can do all of these activities hands-free in a safe way and still have all essentials with you! Good luck and enjoy the summer.

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